25 Apr 2015

Google removes Nexus 7 from its store, but the Nexus 9 lives on

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If you were looking to buy a Nexus 7, you’re out of luck as Google’s 7-inch tablet is no longer available for purchase from Google’s online store. If you visit the Nexus 7 page on the Google Store , you’ll be presented with a message stating that “the Nexus 7 is no longer available for purchase.” It’s unclear as of this writing whether Google has discontinued the Nexus 7 outright, or whether it’s merely out of stock or is planning to release a refreshed version. At the time of its release in 2013, we praised the current Nexus 7 as “the best 7-inch tablet that money can buy,” and especially liked its sharp, vibrant 1280 by 1920-resolution screen

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Google removes Nexus 7 from its store, but the Nexus 9 lives on

The Internet is playing an important role in communications in Nepal after a devastating earthquake, as phone links were choked by the large number of people trying to connect. Internet service was disrupted after the earthquake hit near the capital city of Kathmandu on Saturday and cloud services provider Akamai said its traffic to the country saw a steep decline just after 6:00 UTC. Nepal Telecom survived the earthquake while smaller Internet service providers experienced outages , Internet performance monitoring company Dyn said.

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Internet steady in Nepal after earthquake but last-mile connectivity an issue

Ever since Amazon announced the release of an SDK (software development kit) for its Echo interactive speaker early last month, we’ve been salivating at the prospect of using Alexa (Echo’s built-in virtual assistant) as a smart-home factotum . It appears some of the developers with access to the SDK are thinking along the same lines. One such developer is Holland, Massachusetts-based web engineer Jeffrey Bachand, who has come forward with a video of him using Echo to control his Nest Learning Thermostat and Wink smart-home hub

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Developer coaxes Amazon Echo’s Alexa into talking with Nest and Wink