The first chap I meet in the Summerset Isles is an elf with a Sean Penn face who gripes about how he’s missing out on a wine tasting because some local Wood Elves “offed” the vintner, because of course . This, after all, is the closed beta for The Elder Scrolls Online ’s Summerset expansion ($40 on Amazon ), which whisks us off to the ancestral homes of the High Elves, a magical land crammed with haughty wizards, Neuschwanstein -like villas, and flora that likely would have been at home in Eden. Whatever

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The Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset expansion doesn’t shy from the dark sides of elves

Microsoft continued its gradual push toward making the Xbox One more like PCs by announcing it will soon support compatible 120Hz displays for its game console platform. The new additions will be added within the coming weeks, Microsoft said in a blog post on Friday. Microsoft also added a number of UI improvements, including the ability to group games

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Microsoft nudges Xbox One towards PC monitors with 120Hz display support

Refinement, not revolution, takes center stage in this redesign.

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Q Acoustics’ all-new 3000i speaker lineup promises to extend the company’s bang-for-the-buck hi-fi tradition