21 Feb 2012

It’s Official: Barnes & Noble Rolls Out 8GB Nook Tablet for $199

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Barnes & Noble on Tuesday officially introduced a previously rumored 8GB version of its low price Nook Tablet. By cutting internal storage in half from 16GB and reducing the amount of RAM to 512MB, B&N was able to shave $50 off the retail cost and sell the new version for $199, the same exact price as Amazon’s competing Kindle Fire tablet, which happens to be the second most popular slate on the planet behind Apple’s iPad. “For any customer who likes to read digitally, watch movies or TV shows, browse the web, or help their kids read and learn through interactive books and apps, our new $199 Nook Tablet with 8GB is the best product value on the market,” said William Lynch , Chief Executive Office of Barnes & Noble

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It’s Official: Barnes & Noble Rolls Out 8GB Nook Tablet for $199

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