14 Dec 2013

Mozilla updates Firefox, adds click-to-play and patches

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Mozilla last week released Firefox 26, which kicked off a limited form of click-to-play function and patched 15 security vulnerabilities, six of which were marked “critical.” Click-to-play—a security feature that requires users to authorize the use of a plug-in when a website or page element requires it— has been adopted by other browsers as protection against a rising tide of exploits that leverage bugs in plug-ins, particularly Adobe’s Flash Player and Oracle’s Java. Google’s Chrome, for example, has long offered click-to-play, although it has been turned off by default. In January 2013, Mozilla announced it would require click-to-play for all installed plug-ins except for Flash, then later added the feature to developer and beta builds of Firefox 26.

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Mozilla updates Firefox, adds click-to-play and patches

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