22 Dec 2013

Typos online aren’t just a hassle,they’re a hazard

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More than a decade after typosquatting became an Internet hazard, criminals and opportunists are still abusing misspelled domains on a scale that is leaving users and businesses out of pocket, consultancy High-Tech Bridge has found. The company used its ImmuniWeb SaaS Phishing system to analyze 946 “typo” domains that were close but not identical to legitimate domains used by ten well-known antivirus firms; for example, entering “kasperski.com” or “mcaffee.com.” Of these, High-Tech Bridge detected 385 domains that appeared to be attempting to pass themselves off as one of these domains; just over 40 percent, or 164, turned out to be in some way fraudulent (such as redirecting to phishing sites, or displaying ads for bogus products and services).

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Typos online aren’t just a hassle,they’re a hazard

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