Main Character

The Courier

The Courier is the player character in Fallout: New Vegas.

The Courier is simply, as the name implies, a courier carrying a parcel across the Mojave desert. Left for dead in a shallow grave, the Courier is dug out by Victor, a friendly robot, and nursed back to health by Doctor Mitchell; doctor of the town of Goodsprings, who gives the Courier a 9mm Pistol, a Vault 21 Jumpsuit, and a Pip-Boy 3000.[1] The Courier will now have to find out who tried to kill him/her and what exactly was in the package he/she was carrying.
The Courier is more customizable than the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3, and is more akin to the Chosen One and the Vault Dweller. It is possible to edit the Courier’s age as well as their appearance and gender.

    Goodsprings Characters

Mitchell is a surgeon located in Goodsprings in 2280. He evacuates the player character in Fallout: New Vegas to Goodsprings after a friendly robot named Victor finds you buried.

Mitchell comes from the local vault, Vault 21.

Mitchell brings the PC back to health after being found by his robot Victor, and sets the characters stats for the game. He then gives the player a 9mm Pistol, the Vault 21 Jumpsuit, and a Pip-Boy 3000.

Sunny Smiles

Sunny Smiles is a local ranger living in Nevada town of Goodsprings in 2280.

She owns a dog named Cheyenne.

She can help the Courier defeat the Powder Gangers.


Trudi is the mayor of the town Goodsprings in 2280.

The PC can convince her to ambush the Powder Gangers with a high enough sneak skill.

Trudi appears in Fallout: New Vegas.


Chet is a store owner living in Goodsprings in 2280. He runs the Goodsprings General Store.

The player can buy armor from him. He also provides weapon modification services.

Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb is the leader of a group of escaped convicts known as the Powder Gangers in 2280.

He is looking for a man named Ringo, who has taken refuge at Goodsprings.

The player can assist him in attacking a town, or kill him and save Goodsprings from his gang.


Ringo is a trader from the Mojave Desert during 2280.

About a week before the game started, Ringo came to Goodsprings saying he’d been robbed and attacked. He was allowed to stay there, then the Powder Gangers came to Goodsprings looking for him threatening to burn the town down if they didn’t get him.

The PC can either help Ringo by escaping the Powder gangers or just leave him to die.


Victor is a robot found in Mojave Desert during 2280. He is a TV Robot that displays the face of Vegas Vic on his screen. His loaded personality is a Las Vegas sheriff.

Victor digs the Courier out of a shallow grave in the desert sand.
He is also very reluctant to give you information on what happened to you (why you were in a grave), but he does take you to the starting point of the game, a small town called Goodsprings.
It isn’t clear what his reasons for digging you up are.


Cheyenne is Sunny’s dog in 2280.

Sunny and Cheyenne help the Courier fight the Powder Gangers, if he/she helps Sunny kill a few geckos.

Black Mountain


Tabitha is the insane leader of the State of Utolbitha super mutants at Black Mountain in 2280.

In 2278, Tabitha hoarded up some local super mutants, captured a ghoul engineer (Raul who is the object of his affection), fortified the Black Mountain radio complex, and formed the State of Utolbitha. Tabitha tyrannically rules over all the mountain’s super mutant inhabitants and has decreed that all humans be shot on sight. “She” is actually a male super mutant gone completely insane.

Tabitha is holding Raul (the ghoul) against his will. The player can follow a radio signal to Black Mountain.


Raul is a ghoul living in the Mojave Desert in 2280. He can join your acquaintance as a follower.

Until you free him, Tabitha holds him hostage at Black Mountain. There, he is forced to fix Tabitha’s favorite robot.

Raul can become a follower for you, should you wipe out the State and their delusional master.


The Nightkin are an elite warrior caste in the Master’s super mutant army. They can be found in the upper levels of the Cathedral, as well as inside the Mariposa Military Base, including the nearby cells surrounding it in the form of random patrol encounters.

They are superior to other supermutants in skill, equipment and weaponry. Many of the Nightkin are equipped with cloaking devices, such as Stealth Boys. The only gaming effect of this is to give them a slight ethereal look, as it does not affect the PC’s chance of hitting them.
After the Master’s fall, many surviving unity super mutants had become a chaotic wasteland wandering force, set on destroy everything it encountered. During the time of Fallout 2, some of the super mutant ‘gangs’ included the former (or so called) nightkins. However, they no longer used Stealth Boys. In Fallout: New Vegas, some of the nightkins will reappear, still using the Stealth Boys.

A part of super mutant army remained intact after the death of Master. The group of surviving mutants was assembled into a new faction, led by Attis. Many years after their regrouping, these mutants captured the Secret Vault in order to use the FEV reserves stored in it. Attis’s goal was to continue the Master’s plan. His army had an elite unit of Nightkins, much improved in skill, and equipped with high-tec suits to enhance their abilities. These suits probably originated from, or were made in Vault-Tec facilities in the region.


Neil is super mutant living in the Mojave Desert in 2280.

Neil hates Tabitha and because of this hatred, he will help the Courier in attacking Black Mountain.

Helios One

Fantastic is a crazy man living in the Mojave Desert in 2280.

He works for the NCR to retrieve the weapons and secrets of Helios One, while also working to get Helios One’s laser back up and running. NCR’s changed their minds, due to a lack of results, and want him to step down.

You can either help him get the laser running for the NCR or kill him and use it for yourself.