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Goodsprings is a town in the Mojave Desert, and appears in Fallout: New Vegas. It supposedly holds the world’s oldest saloon. Dr. Mitchell takes the player character here after a friendly robot named Victor finds you buried[1].
The town struggles with two major problems – the geckos and the Powder Gangers led by Joe Cobb.

Black Mountain:

Black Mountain is a location in the Mojave Desert that serves as some sort of radio station for the super mutants in Fallout: New Vegas. It is most likely the site of the KCNV radio station on Mount Potosi, overlooking Las Vegas.

Black Mountain:

Helios One is a Poseidon Energy solar plant and a refractor mirror that can provide energy to the Strip and other places. It contains a massive super laser, Archimedes II.

NCR has taken great interest in the plant, and have a technician named Fantastic working on getting the laser to function.

Archimedes is rumored to have developed the plans for a ‘death ray’ super weapon. The weapon would harness the power of the sun through a series of mirrors and prisms, resulting in an intense beam of light that was intended to sink enemy ships. The solar mirrors of Helios One serve as a reference to (or perhaps an actual use of) that death ray.

In its architecture and use of heliostats, the Helios One system appears to be an adaptation of the Solar One / Solar Two experimental “power tower” type concentrating solar power generating stations in Barstow, CA, or of their original prototype at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico.